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The Importance Of Mobile Friendly Websites

The Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites

Welcome to the mobile age! As a business owner I’m sure you have been told that it is extremely important that your website be mobile friendly.

Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.

It is clear that mobile friendly websites are going to increase exponentially in the years to come. The internet started on the PC but with more than 3 billion mobile phones being used world wide. These rapid changes have left the business world with no choice other than to adapt to them. With mobile devices taking over the place of the PC, not having a mobile friendly website is like committing business suicide.

Why You Should Have a Mobile Friendly Site

Rise of the smart phones:

Smartphones have become affordable over the past few years. Almost everyone is looking to buy one. These devices are excellent for hand held browsing. Since the sale of smartphones is increasing, it only makes sense for companies to have a site that can be easily browsed through on these devices.

Mobile users buy more:

At 8.58%, tablet devices account for the highest add-to-cart rates on eCommerce websites, while multiple reports claim that mobile users tend to spend more per purchase than customers on desktop do. On mobile friendly sites, CTAs should be clear and easy to click, increasing overall conversion rate, while 80% of shoppers admit to interacting more with a brand that offers an engaging mobile experience.

Don’t get beaten by competition:

People love to browse while traveling. However, when they find that sites that they normally used at their PCs are not mobile compatible, they might end up switching to a site which provides similar services and is mobile compatible as well.

Inexpensive option:

Because mobile screens are a lot different from computer screens, the site design has to change accordingly. It is a relatively cheap process and not very time consuming either.

Popularity of mobile internet:

According to studies, about 40% of the people who have a mobile phone use it for going online, and half of them will go online at least once every day. This presents a huge opportunity for a business.

Google Penalties:

Google rolled out changes to its algorithm on April 21, 2015, that makes the mobile friendly ranking factor more important. Google may penalize a website that is not mobile friendly. Google wants to show the best results on its search engine, and websites that don’t look good on mobile phones will not rank high on mobile search results.

Use of GPS:

GPS is a very useful technology. It is used by many mobile users to find out necessary things or directions. They also use it to find nearby services or businesses. If there is no mobile site available for your business then you are potentially losing a customer right in your own area.

Google for SEO:

Having a mobile friendly website also helps in SEO as it helps improve rankings on mobile friendly search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

2D Barcodes:

One great bonus that comes along with mobile friendly websites is the 2D barcode. These appear like regular barcodes, but are capable of so much more. They can be used for discounts. A customer takes a picture of the code with their cell phone and instantly has access to not only the details, but also reviews of the product before they buy it.

A recent report shows that mobile traffic officially surpassed desktop traffic on the internet. This means that any business that has a presence on the internet right now should make appropriate changes so that its website is mobile friendly.

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