Analytics Consulting

Google Analytics is a very important digital marketing tool, but seriously underused by most businesses. It allows you to measure the results of individual campaigns in real-time, compare the data to previous periods, and so much more.

When you have data at your fingertips, you have the power to create truly remarkable marketing campaigns. With help from Newweblinks Digital Marketing Agency, you can tackle your greatest business challenges with insight like never before.

You can design promotions with knowledge of who your visitors are and where they come from. You can make decisions about your business based on actionable feedback.

Some Google Analytics cookies last for two years!

All of this and more can be in the palm of your hand when you make the time for analytics.

What do you need analytics for? The list is endless. Here are some of the reasons that you should be using Google Analytics to measure the success of your website.

  • It enables you gain a deeper understanding of your audience.
  • Acquire easy access to demographic and behavioral data.
  • Expand review to page-by-page insights.
  • Monitor engagement and session quality.
  • Compare site performance vs. industry benchmarks.
  • Helps you understand which social platforms to target