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How To Register Your Business Online With CAC In Nigeria

How To Register Your Business Online With CAC In Nigeria

This article will explains how you can register your business online with CAC in Nigeria. This process does not necessarily require the service of a Lawyer, Chartered Accountant or an Agent. However, you will however need MasterCard and internet connection for online registration.

1. How to register your business with CAC Step 1 – Business Name Search

The first step is conducting a public name search using CAC’s public search tool. This is pretty easy much like conducting a simple google search. This search tool helps you confirm if your chosen business name isn’t already been used by another business owner. When you are sure that your proposed name(s) are not taken proceed to the next step below.

CAC Business name search

CAC Business Name Search

2. How to register business with cac Step 2 – Create Your Account

Click on create account on the home page of the Portal. Complete the forms displayed.Ensure you have a valid email address and a phone number handy. You will also need a valid means of identification such as National Identification Number (NIM), permanent voters card (PVC), Drivers license or international passport.

3. How to register business with CAC Step 3 – Business Name Reservation

After successfully login in on your personal account, the next step is to reserve your proposed business name which you have confirmed available from the public search you conducted in step one. This costs only 500 naira and you can pay via ATM cards, internet banking, or direct bank payment using your RRR number generated by the portal. It takes less than 24hrs for approval after a successful payment.

CAC Business Name Reservation

CAC Business Name Reservation

4. How to register business with CAC Step 4 – Company Registration

After your payment has been successfully approved. The next step is to register your Company name. To register your business name hover your mouse on “Company Registration” and select new registration:

Company Registration

Company Registration

This will open the registration page with a message: “Kindly note that by starting registration as a public user, you agree to become a director, proprietor or trustee as the case may be”. What this means is that if you are not an accredited agent of CAC you must be part of the business you are registering as a proprietor.


Enter your availability code as shown in your reserved name approval note:

After inputting the availability code, the business name registration page will be displayed, Click on “continue registration” to continue.

Fill the forms carefully and accurately provide all the requirements stated earlier. Make sure you fill in the names and addresses of proprietors, nature of business, and principal place of business addresses correctly.

When asked if you need additional copies of a certified true copy, select zero, as this is applicable to those registering a Limited Liability Company.

The next step is the payment of the sum of 5,000 Naira for registration.

Click on the “action button” to download and print the completed form for the proprietors to sign and have their passports attached.

5. How to register business with CAC Step 5 – Prepare and Upload Scanned Documents

You will need to prepare signed and scanned copies of your pre-registration documents for upload.


  1. Type in the availability code you used in registering the business and select the nearest CAC office you wish to pick up your certificate from.
  2. Type in the captcha.
  3. Click on begin.
  4. Click on “Choose Scanned Document Below” and select the documents you wish to upload.The documents required are as follows:
    • The BN/1 form you filled
    • Availability of name approval note
    • Proficiency certificate (where applicable)
    • Payment receipt, Copies of ID cards of the proprietors
    • Proficiency certificates where applicable. Eg Your school cert, Professional certifications etc
  5. Click “Attach” to attach the document.
  6. Attach all documents one after the other.
  7. All attached documents are displayed in the “List of Documents window”.
  8. Click “submit” to submit.

6. How to register business with CAC Step 6 – Collect Your Business Certificate

Once the certificate is ready, you will receive an email to that effect, the status of the registration will change, and the BN number would have been generated.

You can then go to the CAC office you chose in the step above to pick up your certificate. The requirements for pickup are: Original copies of the documents uploaded BN/1 form, Evidence of payment etc

Once you get your certificate, you can officially start your business and be confident you are running a legitimate business in Nigeria.

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